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Spare Parts for

Heinkel® Inverting Filter Centrifuge

  • We offer CelesTech Spare Parts. From pure Teflon protection hoses to PFA coated silicone O rings, hastelloy C22 metric screws to 316 stainless steel axial shafts, we guarantee our parts to be of the highest quality and workmanship or your money back.

GTL Screening Centrifuge

  • We can provide screens, bearings, etc for your model GTL Directed Flow Screening Centrifuge Models II, III and IV. We can also service your Model GTL’s to keep them continuously running!

Nutsche Filters

  • We can provide spare wear parts for nutsche filters such as o rings, filter cloths, dust filters, etc. Please contact us with your requirements and we will work to find best possible quality and pricing.

We also provide:

  • Filter cloths for Inverting Filter Centrifuges
  • O rings for Inverting Filter Centrifuges