Used Centrifuges, Used Heinkel® Centrifuges

Refurbishment of Used Heinkel® Inverting Filter Centrifuges

We can provide used centrifuges and used Heinkel® centrifuges with new unit warrantees up to two years. That's one more year than a new unit. Machines can be from operating companies, our inventory or from the major used equipment dealers. We help you make the best possible choice from equipment available. We take full responsibility and provide full warranty upon updating the equipment with a bearing overhaul, new controls system or any other modifications required to meet your specifications.

For used equipment dealers:

  • We work with used equipment dealers to help them provide the best possible unit.

We can provide:

  • Refurbishment of equipment dealer's centrifuges. Equipment dealers can pass along the warranty to their clients.
  • Process assistance in selection of a used unit, sizing, capacity, etc.

For end users, we also provide:

  • Used units from our stock.
  • New unit warranty for your purchased unit from an equipment dealer or other end-user.


Our Used Centrifuges For Sale

Centrifuges with or without controls are an option.