Case Studies

Solving Problems that Customer Thought Were Unsolvable... Oil Leaks, Filtercloth Tears

Recent Order - we were the only company that could deliver this 1000mm Inverting Filter Centrifuge bowl and bowl insert in 5 weeks.

Major Chemical Company with 24 hour 7 Day a week operation that had operational problems with Heinkel® Inverting Filter Centrifuge:

  • Hydraulic Oil leaks in process area for 7 years
  • Machine and process area became contaminated with oil
  • Customer had constant supply of oil in area
  • Unpredictable Filter cloth Failures after 2-3 weeks of operation, sometimes as early as one week
  • Up-time as low as 83%

Working together with the customer's process and maintenance group, we reviewed the machine. As an older machine, it was thought to have unsolvable problems. After completing an overhaul on the machine, the oil leaks stopped.

With a new filter cloth from CelesTech lifetime improved and is up to three months. Operators are pleased with the filter cloths citing, ease of installation and far fewer changes.


  • Eliminated Hydraulic oil leaks
  • Clean process area
  • Improved Filter cloth lifetime to three months
  • Up-time increasing from 83% to over 95%

Refurbished Used Heinkel® Centrifuge Model HF 450.1

This machine size has the footprint of an HF 600.1 but a smaller bowl and bowl insert size. It is interchangeable to an HF 600.1 machine and the bowl and bowl insert can be changed to accommodate the HF 600.1 bowl size.

Used Heinkel® Inverting Filter Centrifuge arriving for Controls System upgrade and testing at our new location for staging equipment – Rockwell Automation Sub-supplier HESCO.

A new Control Panel with Allen-Bradley Compact Logix PLC is being built to replace the older panel that was water damaged and had obsolete SLC 504 processor. A new ProTech operator interface with BEBCO/Pepperl and Fuchs purge system was also provided.

Refurbished Pilot Plant Vertical Basket Centrifuge

Heinkel® Centrifuge Heinkel® Centrifuge

Refurbished Peeler Centrifuge

Heinkel® Centrifuge