About CelesTech

Who We Are

CelesTech is an engineering services company for the chemical and bio-pharmaceutical industries. We provide process, mechanical and electrical services for Heinkel® Inverting Filter Centrifuge Equipment. We provide engineering services for other types of plant operations.

We are an outsourcing services company providing unique expertise and support for our clients. Our collective group has over 250 years of experience in Heinkel® process operations, equipment, controls as well as knowledge of these processing industries.

Our business is customer-centric. Our business model is focused on providing services and satisfying customers. Our client’s business goals become ours as we work efficiently and seamlessly with plant or office personnel to:

  • Improve productivity
  • Solve Problems
  • Find unusual solutions
  • Reduce operating or capital investment costs
  • Reallocate plant assets

Extensive experience and expertise with chemical and bio-pharmaceutical plant equipment enables us provide services besides our core business. Services we have provided include:

  • Process Equipment
    • CetesTech Parts Expertise and Service for Heinkel® Centrifuges. Service and Parts Expertise
    • Service for Nutsche Filters
    • Plant and Process Optimization Services
  • Used Equipment
    • Refurbishment of your unit or one of ours
    • Locate used equipment for your plant
  • Asset Disposition
  • Asset Purchases: equipment or whole plants

Sustainable Circles and Giving Back

193 countries of the UN General Assembly adopted the 2030 Development Agenda titled Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in Poverty, hunger, education through energy, ecology, through Sustainable Development and reserving resources. Corporations, institutions and governments to individuals striving to better our world according to the 17 Sustainable Principles.

Our goal is to work towards Sustainable Development in our small way in communities we are privileged to work in. We look to foster sustainability in schools to elevate future generations and break the cycle of poverty. We look for ways to add resources that enhance students’ interest in science and the arts to create sustainable love of learning. We look to involve students, school administration and parents in what we do to create a sustainable circle.