Welcome to CelesTech Inc

CelesTech is an engineering service company for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We provide engineering services for other types of plant operations.

We specialize in process, mechanical and electrical services for centrifuges, dryers and other process equipment.

Combined, we have over 120 years of experience in process optimization, mechanical, and controls & electrical systems, CelesTech is available as your engineering services partner.

Process Equipment

Used Centrifuges

  • Refurbishment of your Heinkel® Centrifuge unit or one of ours
  • We sell used Heinkel® Centrifuges and other types of centrifuges
  • Work with used equipment dealers to provide new unit warrantees.

New Parts and Products

  • We produce new CelesTech parts for Inverting Filter Centrifuges. They are made from high quality materials and go through 100% quality inspections.
  • Together with Contecma-CS CmbH, we now provide new Inverting Filter Centrifuges (CIC). Visit www.invertingfiltercentrifuge.com for more information.